The Exchanged Life Center

The Exchanged Life Center is located at 3000 Midway Road, Anderson, SC. We are a New Testament Church, and our history dates back some 50 years. We started as a mission church in the south Anderson area, known as South Anderson Baptist Chapel. Through the years have experienced spiritual and physical growth. About twenty years ago we went through a major relaunch of our church. We no longer functioned as a mission. We sold the existing property and purchased thirteen acres of land at 3000 Midway Road. in Anderson, South Carolina. Before building the present facility, we met in Calhoun Elementary School for over six years. During this transitional time, we named the church Midway Community Church and continued to operate under that name until spring of 2018. At that time our leadership did not think the name fully represented who we are, and how we function as a New Testament Church.

Our mission is “Renewing the minds and healing the hurts”. We are aware that many people, Christians included, have been beaten and bruised by life. What is more tragic is that some of these hurts have come from other Christians, and even the Church itself. It is our desire to be used of God to begin the healing process. As Christ’s body, we stand ready to demonstrate God’s full power of love, forgiveness, and acceptance. All we need, we have in Him and our desire is to share this with you. Therefore, we prayed about this change and relaunched Midway Community Church as The Exchanged Life Center.

We have existed and now exist for two purposes: 1. Sharing the gospel with the sinners, (those separated from God by their sinful nature;). 2. For the “saints”, (those who have been reconciled to God through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ), to help them mature in and experience Christ as Life. We carry out these purposes not only when we meet for services on Sunday morning, but as we live out each day at work, play or in our homes with our families and wherever God gives us opportunity.

The Exchanged Life Center is a place where you will find ordinary people who are in the process of being changed by an extraordinary God. As we mature together, we are discovering that we not only can trust Christ for our salvation, but for our situations as we engage them each day. This process of maturing comes from intentional discipleship, fellowship, and worshiping together. We encourage those who become a part of the center to grow in their faith by signing up for Grace Discipleship and Advanced Grace discipleship classes. Participating in a home group is another way to grow and mature as a believer. These groups meet during the week in someone’s home. They study the scriptures together, pray for each other and fellowship around refreshments that are provided. We also offer access to one on one Biblical discipleship and counseling. Another way for us to mature is to get involved in opportunities to minister in our communities through serving. Everything we do here is intentional so we as believers can grow in our relationship with God and impact our family and friends we encounter each day.

We would like to invite you to drop by for our Sunday services that begin at 10:30 a.m. We believe you will find genuine believers who will welcome you, thankful you have chosen to come and celebrate a God who has healed their hurts, and set them free, to be all He deemed us to be in Christ.